SME Finance

Nayifat offers a wide range of structured financing solutions to cater to the needs of SME customers, in various sectors. Our financing programs are aligned with the Kingdom’s economic growth and government initiatives within the framework of the 2030 vision.

SME Product Features:

Sharia Compliant Financing

Structured finance programs

Flexible repayment schemes (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually)

Supported by government initiatives – Monsha’at and Kafalah

Financing up to SR 20 million

Competitive profit rates

Swift application processing

The beneficiaries of our services

  • Business enterprises of different sizes (small and medium companies)
  • Production units and projects
  • Real estate development and investment companies
  • Contracting and construction companies
  • Information technology companies and digital applications
  • Factories and production projects
  • Service sector companies (education – health care – transportation)

Nayifat financing sectors.

Funding is granted for the following purposes:

  • Working capital financing
  • Invoices financing
  • Activity Expansion
  • Capital Expenditure Finance
  • High net worth Finance
  • Insurance policy Finance
  • POS Finance
  • Purchase the fixed Assets
  • Business Expansion

SME Product Offering:

Working Capital Finance:

Allows business to finance their general expenses such as payroll, rent and debt payments and business expansion needs based on the company cash flow cycle.

CAPEX Finance:

Allows business to maintain cash flows and finance their expansion strategies such as Fixed Asset financing, equipment, branch opening and other business activities

POS Finance:

Allows business such as retailers to obtain financing based on the annual deposits executed through POS machines.

Insurance policy Finance:

Allows business to finance annual insurance policy premium such as (Assets, Health and Life insurance…etc.)

High net worth Finance:

Allows individuals with significant financial income and resources to obtain financing based on provided collateral

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