To Know More About Nayifat

Nayifat Finance Company was established in 2002. It provides financing solutions compatible with Islamic Sharia for individuals and institutions and in accordance with the regulations, rules and instructions issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (“the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia”).

Nayifat Company has been licensed by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency as a non-banking finance company to practice the following activities: Consumer financing

Financing activities for small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”), leasing financing, and credit card financing

Financial technology to work under the umbrella of the legislative sandbox to provide savings solutions for individuals and debt crowdfunding for small and medium enterprises. The company’s main products are based on Tawarruq, Murabaha and Ijara lending facilities. Nayifat Company believes that the continued growth of the Saudi economy, along with the expansion of the banking sector, will lead to an increase in demand for financing facilities compatible with Islamic Sharia.

In 2019, the company entered into a strategic alliance with Visa International to operate under the “master license” for Visa credit cards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This would enable the company to offer credit card financing products and services to customers

Our Financing Strategy

Individual financing

Due to the number of employees in the public sector (about 1.8 million), the Company has a high market penetration in this customer segment. Our strategically located branches cater to government employees in both civil and military sectors. As the percentage of female employees in the public sector is expected to increase, this shall lead to enhancement in our target market.

SME financing

Finance companies in Saudi Arabia have an opportunity to support the SME sector. The conducive market environment and active support of the government provide considerable opportunities to Nayifat to expand its financing portfolio to cover SMEs. We are geared to take advantage of this opportunity by expanding our SME financing portfolio through regional branches. We aim to increase our SME penetration and support the government’s efforts to develop the sector.

Credit cards

Nayifat has expanded its product range by recent introduction of credit cards. Initially offered to our existing customer base, we plan to use our marketing platform to introduce customers to the product. Product’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) include: credit cards as a free product to customers who do not want immediate financing but prefer this option to cover emergency needs; credit cards as a financing product to customers who want short-term financing at a lower cost than for other products.

Digital Innovation

Apart from maintaining a sizeable branch network of twenty-Eight (28) branches, Nayifat is all geared to expand and transform in the digital space by augmenting web and application based solutions for customer acquisition as well as customer support. Our upcoming credit card product offers a web portal where customers can presently view their transactions, balances etc. These initiatives shall help enhance customer convenience and shall also reduce operational costs of the company leading to lean and efficient operations.

Awards & Certificates

Board of Directors

Vice Chairman

Abdulmohsen Mohammed Al-Saleh

Board Member

Bandar Mohammed Al Baiz

Board Member

Yousef Ibrahim Al-Shaer

Board Member

Salman Abdulaziz bin Shahween

Board Member

Ata Hamad Al Bayouk

Board Member

Turki Nasser AlQahtani

Board Member

Saad Abdulmohsen Al-Humaidi

Summary of Board Members’ Biographies

Senior Management


Fahd bin Ibrahim Al-Mufarrij

Head of Human Resources

Turki Al Qahtani

Head of Admin & Training

Ahmed Hamli

Head of Cyber Security

Mohammed El-Shami

Head of Credit

Tariq Al Yami

Chief Risk Officer

Ali Hassan Ali Al-Shawaf

Head of SME

Louai Bakraa

Acting Director of Information Technology

Fahad AL Shalhoub

Head of Compliance & AML- CTF

Talal Shamroukh Alamani

Head of Credit cards

Hani Alghaziri

Acting CFO


Acting Head of Operations


Sharia Committee



Member and secretary

Dr Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Alnafisah



Curriculum Vitae of Sharia Committee Members

Corporate Governance

Rules to lead and guide the Company that includes mechanisms to regulate the various relationships between the Board, Executive Directors, shareholders and Stakeholders, by establishing rules and procedures to facilitate the decision making process and add transparency and credibility to it with the objective of protecting the rights of shareholders and Stakeholders and achieving fairness, competitiveness and transparency on the Exchange and the business environment.

Both the Board and Management benefit from deep industry experience as well as stringent risk management policies and procedures. We have an executive management team with market-leading capabilities, extensive knowledge and long track records gained through careers in the banking sector and The Board of Directors, with its high level of experience, acts as a supervisor of a strong governance framework

Corporate Governance
Articles of Association of the Company

Conflict of interest policy and standards standards

Nayifat Company plans to expand its network of branches. We operate twenty-four (24) branches in thirteen (13) regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the aim of expanding in remote areas, especially those that have the purpose of this policy of regulating conflict of interest (and it is indicated referred to herein as the “policy”) is to protect the interests of Nayifat Finance Company (hereinafter referred to as the “company”) in the event that entering into a commercial transaction or arrangement would achieve personal benefit for the employee, official, manager or member of the company’s board of directors, and To provide the company with a procedure that, if followed, aims to consider the commercial transaction binding and enforceable, even in the event of a possible conflict of interest of the employee, official, manager or board member regarding the commercial operation.